Progress is as Progress does

What I did this week:

Modified mission objects and structures:

I had a mockup for missions, you would just choose easy, medium, or hard.  Now, it randomly generates a mission with parameters such as number of enemies, mission type, and what type of terrain.  It also displays such.

Base Stuff:

I think I covered it earlier, but you can upgrade and purchase different buildings now, although they are not hooked up to DO anything, except for the research building, which currently cuts research times.

I’m trying to develop in the rapid prototyping style:  get things up and running, refine as you go.  To that extent the game is playable, just with gaping holes and temp work everywhere. o.O

Soon I will remake a build and send it out to the extremely limited testing group.  It’ll be fun, given I haven’t done it in a while and feedback prevents me from going too overboard in anyone direction. :)

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