And I’m back!

Alrighty, back from trying a Kickstarter project.  Failed, but made a lot of contacts, got some boosts to morale, and learned a lot for any future attempts.

In any case!

Alrighty, implementing the real time system, and now re-jiggered it to work better with the research system.  Currently, you can research stuff, and after a set amount of time it’ll finish, and that’ll properly unlock any tech that relies on it.  Unfortunately, it’s all free and nothing checks to see if you need tech before doing anything.  But it’s a step forward.

Hoping to wrap up all the basics of gameplay in short order so I can begin the story/background/tutorial/polish/refinement.

2 thoughts on “And I’m back!

  1. I just stumbled upon the War Heroes Kickstarter page while browsing through the Pocket Tactics feature. It’s unfortunate the Kickstarter didn’t reach its goal but I’m hoping the project’ll succeed. It looks like an intriguing premise and you sound like you could pull it off. Hope there’s another Kickstarter in the future – I’d definitely back it then!

    • I appreciate it. I might try again when the game’s much further developed, but until then I’m keeping my head down and working hard to make the game as good as people think it might be. ;) But all encouragement it always welcome, and I’ll try to make things interesting for people following. ^^

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