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Alrighty, writing here so as not to bother Kickstarter.

So this week’s progress mostly involved more work with the research pages, which I hadn’t anticipated.  Had to get additional artwork made for it, as well as starting to create the “real time” framework of the game.  For instance, need the ability to track passed time as well as pause and unpause said time, just so I can track how long a research topic has been researched.  I can already see this will be a massive balancing issue, as well as some design will be necessary to keep the player engaged, and not simply turn on the game and walk away as money accumulates/research accumulates, as is a common problem with Kairosoft games.  They often use a limited overall game time as their choke, but I’d rather avoid that rather artificial/overly done method.  Perhaps something more positive, such as limited time missions or a level of interactive reward on the map.  (Tapping hot spots or somesuch that rewards the player.)  We shall see.

But technology reads in, shows up properly, can start research, has the data structure in the game to work properly.  The next step is the output:  once a technology is researched, what does it DO?  More behinds-the-scene programming, here I come….

2 thoughts on “What I Do

  1. Keep your head up man, I know your kickstarter didn’t make it but I still think this would make for an awesome game. I look forward to playing it one day

    • I appreciate your encouragement. There were some dark times as I realized the project wasn’t going to get funded, but I’ve had time to adjust and look on the bright side. And the bright side motivates me. I’m ready to dive back into the game. But thanks. :)

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