Another day, another dollar…

Status update:

Implemented the dual weapon system with some minor AI.  Enemies will only carry 1 weapon (Except maybe later grenades + weapon), and have unlimited ammo.  Players will now use whichever weapon has range, and then if the enemy comes closer switch to the shorter range weapon.  If the player has grenades and the enemy steps within range, the player will automatically arm grenades.

Heavy weapons and grenades have limited ammo: if the player runs out they will swap to another weapon.  If that other weapon was also a grenade/heavy, they will swap to a default pistol.  (Which was a pain, creating stats for a weapon that the player doesn’t “have”, so they can’t sell it for a weird, endless cash bug…)

Working with my talented artist, all weapons now have a reload animation, and those were edited and hooked up.  Reloading takes as long as the animation, plus the cool down of the weapon.  They look brilliant, by the way. :)

Besides having retarded AI, combat is pretty much done, in its basic form.  Time to move to formations, research, base management, story telling elements, leveling, interface, polishing and balancing…..


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