Sorry, all the sexy stuff was done a long time ago, so now progress is GUI and interface and organization… just like war, minutes of frantic action, days and days of paperwork. -.-

Anyhow, I’ve managed to finish, for the most part, the drag and drop squad management system.  Now besides just picking your formation, you can pick each person and put them in a spot in the formation.  The tactical possibilities expand!

Contacted my artist after a long period of time and although busy, he said he could fit in a bit more of side work.  So once I compile a list of extras(!), I’ll be working with him again.

On the music side, my music guy is working on victory music.  It was just a little too stark to cut the combat music when you won, and a little too pumped to keep playing it over end-of-mission stats.

So there it is!  Progress, progress, progress.  Behind original schedule, but moving ahead nonetheless.  Stay tuned. :)

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