Mission Types

So, more mission AI.  Made sure that on a defense mission, player characters will move back to their original position when they aren’t engaging an enemy.  But what was engaging an enemy?

If an enemy’s in range, you’d shoot them.  If they’re not in range, you go home.  So it becomes a completely static fight and your guys never move.  Boring.

But we have the psychological stat, aggression.  Sounds like a more aggressive soldier would leave to pursue, right?

So we tie aggression to pursuit range, if the enemy is within max range PLUS aggression, you move to engage, otherwise you return home/stand your ground.

A lot of little bugs ironed out with that, but that’s implemented.  Likewise, during the escape mission, your players will move after every shot, then make a break for it when they’ve passed all enemies.  In addition, I added a point blank bonus for all firing.  It seemed odd that the player could get next to an enemy and they’d be blazing away, missing repeatedly.

For future thought, perhaps people trying to escape should stand and fight if they get within a certain critical range.  Because even if you were trying to escape, probably wouldn’t run RIGHT through a guy/tank with a gun, right?


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