Plodding ahead

Sometimes the updates are neither world shaking nor glamorous.

Small changes on manipulating the research page.  Making sure the “more info” button for technologies disappears when proper, and the research topic buttons disappear/reappear in relation to their discovery, shift properly, and format their text correctly.

Alrighty, there might be fewer updates as I get into the more technical implementation side which is just GUI changes and/or behind the scenes changes, unless requested otherwise.  We shall see.

Also, massive time setting up Kickstarter page.  More that we shall see.


Been working on getting Kickstarter up lately; as business admin, PR, designer and programmer sometimes things get scattered.  Had to film and edit together a video, learn how to use iMovie, put together a few more pictures, and edit the music so that it would fit.  I’m getting tired of being a jack of all trades, I’d rather just be programming and designing!  But soon enough.  Also, Angry Cat Games, LLC is live, so this baby has a home. :)

Sloggin’ ahead

Getting the bare bones for all systems in for rapid prototyping, will balance and polish later.

For now, I’ve set up the research panel, systems to read in the tech tree, the manipulation of the research table, and all things research related.  Not exciting to list down, but all part of the grand scheme of things.


Since it’s been a while:

Implemented formations:  soldiers will start in the order and positions you chose for them.

Implementing Player Data screen : Screen showing how many missions have been run, total kills, etc, etc.

Taking it a bit easy after making the mad combat rush last week.  With basic combat done, a lot more design work is coming up, as well as GUI implementation.  (Graphical User Interface, or menus)